Hellofreaks is a Graphic Design Studio based in Lille, France (North). It is led by Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Jerome Castro (the one writing this).
Feel free to contact for any question or comment about our work. Especially if you like it !
Jobs requests are welcome too ;)
Most of the works here are available for publications, exhibitions or any show up projects so don't hesistate
to contact us and ask for it !
How Good We Are
We specialise in Illustrations, Motion Graphics, Music Videos, TV Idents, Logotypes.

And yes, Illustrations !
We will reply within the running year !
(unless you specify this is an urgent request)
Festivals & Exhibitions
The Art Of Front / Front Magazine / London / Feb. 2012
Get Freaky Collective Exhibitions / 2010-2012
Personal Exhibitions Paris / Berlin / 2008-2010
Festival Némo Paris 2006
Onedotzero Festival / Wow+Flutter 05
BD4D Toulouse 04
How Famous We Are
Our work has been seen through some very
well-known Books, Prestigious Magazines,
Sold-Out Festivals & Great Exhibitions in many places around, including Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, London, Paris & Toulouse, just to name a few
We are available for Chat !
We can supply both Business & Leisure needs
Ask our tariffs, it's cheaper than you think !
Sushi 13 / Playing Card Illustration
Badalona / Illustration
Gooo Revista / The Future Issue / Illustration
The Ark Project book / DGHP & IDN •• Soon
Unite For Chldren Book (for UNICEF) / Illustration
Semi-Permanent Book 06 / Illustration
Freewave Book + DVD / Illustration
Human ? Book / Illustrations  •• soon
Game Paused™ / Illustration  •• soon
How Friendly We Are
Hellofreaks is always looking for collaborative projects and/or talented people to work with.
So, if you feel that way and like what you see
here, don't hesitate to contact us.
Phone / Mobile
We are available for Phone Calls !
We speak English & a bit Spanish as well ...
and we can say Hello in Japanese !

And oh yes, our French is quite good too !
Get Freaky Fanzine 01-02-04-05
Squame / Ecailles Fanzine 01-02 (cover)
Migrate / The Obsess Issue / Illustrations
Computer Arts Janv. 09 / Article + illustrations
Computer Arts May 08 / China / Interview + illustrations
Zupi 02 / Interview + Illustrations & Back Cover
Studio Multimédia 78 / Interview + Illustrations
DPI Magazine 76 / Interview + Illustrations
Nuke Magazine / Illustrations
How Funny We Are
Much. Aren't We ?
Ask for some work sample in PDF !
Some good samples of our work are available in the Shop. We are also interested in graphic goodies exchange, so let us know what you've got !
Stash DVD 07 / World Famous
Get Redy / Not Famous